10-10-10 Quick Interval Workout

This workout is a great blend of cardio and weight training for individuals who want to ramp up their weight loss and work on their muscle definition as well. This workout is designed to alternate between using a treadmill and weights; however, if you do not have access to a treadmill you could simply take this outdoors!

Warm Up

5 Minutes easy walking: Incline 2, Speed 3

Set 1 – Repeat 3X

1 minute sprint: Incline 1, Speed 6

10 reverse lunges with dumbbells (each leg)

10 straight-leg deadlifts

10 bicep curls

Set 2 – Repeat 3X

1 minute sprint: Incline 1, Speed 7

10 sumo squats with dumbbells

10 calf raises with dumbbells

10 hammer curls

Cool Down

5 minutes easy walking: Incline 1, Speed 3.5

Cardio is definitely a great way to get your heart pumping and burn fat; however, you do not need to spend hours on the treadmill to see results. Muscle burns fat, so adding some weights to your routine will definitely help you reach your weight loss goals faster. And don’t be afraid of a little weight lifting. You won’t bulk up or start to look like a man. Mixing in some weights will get you lean and toned much faster than cardio only.