Alley Cats Strike

Buenos dias!

I’m so glad you all liked the funfetti cookie recipe! Although I couldn’t eat them because of the flour and eggs, Will said (and I quote) that they were “the best cookies I’ve made.” Score

I received a lot of feedback on the mention of me taking bowling classes in the fall. Well, the rumors are true and yes, my school DOES seriously offer bowling classes. It’s a long story, but basically I completed all of my major’s requirements within the first 3 years of schooling so now I have tons of extra credit hours to use on any classes I’d like.

’m no professional bowler, but a few months ago when Will & I were still getting to know each other we would go bowling a lot with our group of friends. I discovered that I actually wasn’t half bad and even beat Will several times! (don’t let him tell you otherwise) In order to expend any potential prodigal bowling talents I’ve been harboring, I’ve decided to use up some of my freebie credits on a bowling class. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be the next star of the Disney Channel’s Alley Cats Strike.

Last night Will & I headed over to one of our favorite sushi restaurants Ruson Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi to say goodbye for the last time.

Will was the one to introduce Ruson to me and I’ve only been a handful of times. I’ve even gone just to sit and sip some green tea, but even loved those mini-visits.

The menu is pretty extensive and they have sushi options as well as hibachi (where the chefs cook in front of you on a humungo grill.) I’ve never been to the hibachi section, but every time that I come for sushi, that area always looks pretty packed.

I started with the House Salad, which was served with an ample amount of ginger dressing (I actually took off some of the ginger because it was a tad overwhelming.)

For my meal, I got the California Roll with brown rice. Call me simplistic, but for $5.50 Ruson makes the best quality California Rolls I’ve ever tasted. Usually sushi joints have such extensive menus with so many extravagant roll options that they tend to skimp on the simpler rolls. Ruson, however, is a whole different ball game. Will & I left with full bellies & satisfied sushi quotients

This morning was an Oats in a Jar kind of morning. Due to my last toxic experience with a plastic jar of oats, I was very insistent upon letting the oats cool down before pouring them into the nearly empty PB & Co. chocolate peanut butter jar. Needless to say, the OIAJ angels worked in my favor–

A bit to think about: Do you like to bowl? Would you ever take a bowling class?