Bowling Honor

Hey guys! How’s your day going?

Mondays are usually my busiest day of the week, so I was nervous that my body was going to be even more out of whack if I didn’t get a chance to work in a sweat today. Usually when I’m feeling off, a workout is one of the best things that I can do to feel back on track. Luckily, because I got my morning duties done a little earlier than I usually do, I was able to squeeze in a quick booty-kicking session on the treadmill at my apartment gym.

And when I say quick, I mean “no-longer-than-15-minutes-quick”:

15- Minute Treadmill Quick Sweat

Once I included about 5 minutes of stretching, I was in and out within 20 minutes. I didn’t have time to mess around 8)

Classes were bueno, but bowling was especially great because I walked out with two surprises! First, because it was the last class of the semester and the professor is retiring, she gave out bowling awards. I walked out with a medal for the “most improved” female in the class 

I guess that’s what I get for being so atrociously horrible at the beginning of the semester? Hey, I’ll take what I can get 8)

Surprise #2 was the fact that the professor gave us all bowling pins to take home!


This baby will put all of the questions I received on Thanksgiving about the seriousness of my bowling class to shame! Now, if only I knew what to do with it…

As far as eats go, my stomach is slowly getting the message and rediscovering it’s appetite. Although I’m not necessarily hungry at my usual meal times, I’ve been eating food in moderation just to keep my metabolism revved up and ready to go.

My lunch-time bowl–


Yogurt with 1 cup fat free plain Chobani, a chopped Gala apple, Rice Chex cereal, stevia, and cinnamon.

Finally, a bit of normalcy came into my dinner in the form of a roasted veggie salad–


I roasted a chopped onion, Brussels sprouts and pinto beans on 450 for about 7 minutes. All it needed was a little cooking spray, salt, and peppa.

With some sliced honey gold potatoes which were also roasted & seasoned the same way. A few dabs of ketchup may or may not have been added to this dish

For dessert, I polished off the last of my vegan, sugar-free pumpkin pie.

I will absolutely be missing this sinless dessert

Alrighty, off to get ready for my last salsa class of the semester!

A bit to think about: Did anyone find any good Cyber Monday deals?