A Thai, Pumpkin, and Non-Wordless Weekend

Happy Monday

As tradition goes, this would normally be a “Wordless Weekend” post—but these past few days were so jam-packed with excitement that I wont even try to keep my mouth shut.

..Or my fingers from typing?

It all started with a heavily belated Thai date on Friday night–


It’s no secret that Will and I are in a committed relationship with Thai cuisine, and although we thought we hit the gold mine when we discovered Tani in Miami way back when, we truly didn’t know what Thai-love was until living in Orlando last year.

Regardless, we’ve gotta make the best with what we’ve got for now. At least Tani never disappoints!

I started with the tofu soup (per usual)


then the Lost in the Garden (per usual), which is pretty much stir fried veggies in brown sauce with either chicken, shrimp, tofu, or beef. Of course I went with the shrimpies

 and ordered a side of brown rice for good measure.

 That evening, Will and I headed over to a surprise birthday part for our friend Tiffany, complete with princess decorations, cake, and old friends.

 It was awesome catching up with our old crowd of peeps, especially since so many of us have moved away from Miami, only to return a few months (or in my case years) later.

Oh, and did I mention that there were princess decorations?  

The rest of my weekend consisted of spending Saturday night out past my bedtime on South Beach, watching the first episode of The Walking Dead with Will (creeeepy stuff), a froyo visit,
candy corn eating,
a steak taco salad dinner,
pumpkin seed snacking,

pumpkin carving,

(Any guesses which one was mine? )

a prancing mini pumpkin,
and pumpkin kisses.

I told you it was a pumpkin weekend

Make it a great day guys!

A bit to think about: Any fun weekend highlights?