WIAW: Forgetful

Boy oh boy, have I been slacking on the What I Ate Wednesday front or what?

To be quite honest, posts featuring an entire day-of-eats are my favorite type to put together, but consistently taking pictures of my food has just become increasingly difficult since the move down south. Between final wedding planning, adjusting to Miami all over again, and starting my new job (more on that later), food photography is just not #1 on my to-do list.

Well actually, yesterday I did do pretty decently– so I might have to take that back in a second. Ok, I’m done rambling. Onto the eats!

Breakfast (5:30 AM) –   My favorite meal of the day! (Hence why I wake up at the crack of dawn to get started on it )

Yesterday’s mix consisted of:

  • 1 cup 0% Greek yogurt
  • Chopped apple
  • 1/2 cup pumpkin puree
  • 1/4 cup peanut butter Puffins
  • 1 cup puffed rice
  • Cinnamon
  • Stevia
  • Nutmeg
  • Topped with loads of PB2 and Maranatha maple almond butter

Lunch? (10:15 AM) – I took advantage of my unexpected day off yesterday by taking my car into the shop for some much-needed maintenance. Thankfully Will had the day off too, so he was able to pick me up early. By the time we arrived back at my place I knew that a snack just wasn’t going to cut it, so an early lunch it was!

Sadly I forgot to take a picture, but it looked a little something like this– Romaine salad with salmon, avocado, ginger dressing, salt & peppa.

Snack (2:00 PM) – Early lunch = early snack!

As far as fitness goes, yesterday I rolled with a leisurely hour-long walk around my neighborhood. I was serious about enjoying the gorgeous weather outside for as long as possible, so I left the Corn Pops behind to prevent him from getting too hot & causing me to turn back early. Obviously we take long walks very seriously over here

When I returned, I refueled with a GF pumpkin muffin with more maple almond butter

plus a milk chocolate Adora circle (but I like the dark chocolate better)

Dinner (5:30 PM) – Early lunch + early snack = early dinner! But then again, I guess I could just continue that chain throughout my entire day

I planned on eating these sea salt soy crispettes that I picked up from Whole Foods along with my dinner, but the bag & and I met during the cooking process and I ended up eating my portion while prepping everything else. Just a day in the life.

This handful happened about 3 or 4 times, but then the rest of my dinner happened!

Roasted okra (with ketchup) + broiled tilapia dressed in dill, garlic salt and black pepper.

Followed by some cherries & coffee (don’t judge me) so that I could stay awake during an evening church event. Yeah, I’m being serious.

Evening Snack (11:00 PM) – I used to never let myself eat past 8:00 PM, even if I got hungry much later at night. Luckily that’s no longer an issue, and I was more than happy to help myself to a bowl of cottage cheese, blueberries, and Sunbutter when I returned late into the evening.

(another old picture)

Okay okay, so I forgot to take pictures of TWO different eats, but hey, I’ll take what I can get

Have a great one!

A bit to think about: If you’re a blogger, do you ever forget to photograph anything that you intended to take a picture of?