Overloaded Brain

I love that so many of you would be rocking the classier/sophisticated/Michael Buble look as a man too! The combo of us all would amount to one good-looking bunch of guys 8) (Sorry men that read Itty Bits. I mean that in the least discriminatory way possible.)

Moving on—My day began with me kicking my own bootay in the form of a brand new 10-10-10 interval workout. I also made the call to strap on my Garmin 305 & chest strap before hitting the gym so that I could eyeball my heart rate the entire time.

Aaaand some linkage:

45 minutes later, these circuits had me all red and sweaty. Just how I like ‘em  

Boy oh boy, those mid-circuit sprints are killer, and they sent my pulse skyrocketing every time! I somehow was able to figure out how to disable the GPS function on my watch so that it would let me workout on a treadmill without trying to gather satellite feed, but unfortunately this also disabled the visibility of my calorie burn. Boooo. Just a reminder that I really need to get on top of replacing the battery in my polar watch.

I followed up my workout with a cold glass of skim milk (protein + carbs baby!) and hopped in the shower to get nice and clean for a romantic date with my books. With school and personal training both on my studying plate, it’s not unusual to catch me dreaming of training political scientists or UN members at the gym.

Luckily, I DO happen to have a feeling that one of the two will be wrapped up verryyyy soon, if you catch my drift

For lunch, one of my favorite combos made an appearance–

And easy to prepare too! The sweet potato was sliced in two, decorated with holes & slits to ensure that it cooked thoroughly, wrapped in cling wrap, then popped in the microwave for 6 minutes. The black beans were prepped on the stovetop and seasoned with a packet of Sazon.

Followed by a token of dark chocolate Adora

A few hours later when it came time for a mid-study snack, I used my birthday tea-maker to brew up a mug of mint green tea (Thanks Nicole!) and paired it with a sliced apple, drizzled in Sunbutter.

I feel like I’ve been on such a tea kick lately, consuming anywhere from 2-4 mugs of the stuff during the day. Although I do prefer to use my tea-maker over the standard teabag, I have plenty of store-bought teabags to finish up before I can become an authentic convert.

Plus the fact that I only have two flavors for the maker (chamomile & green), so things can get a liiiiittle redundant. Just sayin’ 8)

Time for night class– Boy oh boy, the fun just never ends!

A bit to think about: Tea or coffee?