A Tisket, a Tasket, a V-Day Basket

Check this baby out 

I know, totally NOT the kind of basket that you give to the boyfriend whom you’re encouraging to eat healthier, but I couldn’t help myself! This production was a little for myself too because as I’ve mentioned before, this is the first Valentine’s Day in the history of Brittany that I’ve been both in a relationship AND in the same city as my boyfriend at the time.

Besides, who doesn’t love a few heart-shaped gadgets and a pair or lollipop lips? 

I started my morning waaay earlier than I needed to so that I could finish up Will’s Valentine’s Day assembly and squeeze in a quick workout, but I think that it might have actually been a bit counterproductive on my part. When I get a few consecutive nights of too-little sleep, my body starts to rebel and show the warning signs of an oncoming cold. Looks like Popcorn will be sleeping at his dad’s tonight so that mommy can sleep in.. 8)

Because I wasn’t feeling my finest, I kept my workout short and sweet with this 12 minute HIIT routine–

And a post-workout lunch of a plate-o-green, plus an orange on the side for a dose of vitamin C.

The salad was pretty simple—Just some romaine, avocado and tuna that was mashed up in a bowl with a bit of mustard. Balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper were also thrown in for an extra kick.

Eating out tip: Whenever I know that I’m going to be eating out later in the day, I’ll do my best to try to keep my other eats as green and balanced as possible. Don’t get me wrong—my meals are usually fairly healthy when out and about, but the truth is that I never know 100% what will be available, and whether or not I’ll be wanting to fill up on a plain ole’ salad when other options that I can’t make at home are lookin’ too good to resist 

Lunch was followed by a feel-better green tea,


Crossing my fingers that things will be picking up before V-Day sushi tonight!

A bit to think about: What precautionary measures do you take when you feel like you’re getting sick?