Potato Potahtoh

Some girls like flowers, others like chocolate, many claim that “diamonds are a girls best friend”..

As for me? Win my heart with a buy one, get one honey gold potato sale at Publix


I guess that makes me a cheap date? 8)

Will must have picked up on this technique while we were at the store last night and I kept repeating to him how much I missed the little buggers. I discovered them for the first time a few months back when I noticed that they were on the same BOGO sale at Publix and I decided to “try something new”. It wasn’t long before they became my favorite potato to roast! (Sorry sweet potatoes)

Well my friends, Publix must have been eavesdropping on our conversation because Will popped in with this surprise after spotting the sale this very morning! Am I feeling a roasting fest coming on?

After class this morning, I rushed home around 12:30 to throw together a quick lunch. Steamed garlicky kale was the first thing on my brain.

I threw some minced garlic, water, and kale in a pan on the stovetop, mixed it all together and let it cook with the lid on for a few minutes. When the kale started to wilt, I added some salt and pepper to season. The whole thing went onto a plate and was topped with leftover pinto beans & a slice of white rice toast + Earth Balance on the side.

Hit the spot.

My workout for today was a shweaty 2 mile outdoor run, but I did an awesome HIIT workout yesterday that was much more interesting. When my computer was experiencing black screen syndrome, I had no way of looking up a short Bodyrock workout like I had planned. Enter my creative side 8)

I threw together some basic moves and made my own 12 minute workout. For a 7:30 AM fix, it did its job quite nicely!

Tonight I’ve got a meeting on campus to attend, and before that there’s a fellowship coffee date with my name all over it. Maybe I should go make something for dinner before I resort to having straight caffeine for a meal..


A bit to think about: Favorite potato?