Kyoto Sushi & Grill

I should enter myself into a vegetable-eating contest.

I’m not kidding—I’ve been known to down many-a-veggies in one sitting, whether it be at a restaurant, in my own home, or at a dinner party (yes, table manners and all.) People misinterpret my plates and plates of veggies as a diet, but they couldn’t be farther from the truth (fyi, veggies have carbs too!)

The truth is that I truly, deeply, love vegetables.

Tell that to the 5-year old me that lived on white rice & cookies

Tonight was no exception. Will & I met his dad at Kyoto, a Japanese Hibachi-style restaurant near UCF. The style of the restaurant was very unique—you ordered, got a number to put on your table, sat down while your hibachi was made (not in front of you), and then it was served to your table!

I started with a ginger salad,


a miso soup,


two pieces of a dragon roll that Will & I “shared” (which really, he devoured before I could even get down my 2nd piece),


(Will’s dad wanted me to get his Bud Light in the sushi photo)


and can you guess what’s coming next?

Did you say plate of veggies? Yes, please.

I got the hibachi salmon, but subbed out my noodles and rice for piles and piles of veggies.


Am I crazy? Maybe.

Do I embrace it? You bet your bottom dollar I do

Overall, Kyoto was pretty awesome. It’s hibachi food without the show or the hefty price tag. Winner, winner, cheap(er) hibachi dinner!

A bit to think about: Do you typically ask for a lot of substitutions when dining out, or do you take it as it comes?