5 Minute Fat-Blaster

If you’ve been reading for a while, you probably already know that I used to suffer from my own little case of cardio addiction. For several years, I was stuck in the mindset that I needed to work out for hours on end to achieve any type of progress or to see any results.

After I discovered Bodyrock & HIIT workouts, all of that went down the drain. I saw results faster than ever before, and was spending less than half of the time I would’ve normally spent at the gym.

Keeping in mind that I might be hitting up a Zumba class tonight, I was more than happy with a high intensity 5 minute workout to start my day.

(Remember when I mentioned that I’m always left with the leftover oversized shirts at races? Well my t-shirt from last year’s Miracle Miles 15k was no exception…)


5 Minute Fat Blaster

This quick workout is only 5 minutes long and is the perfect quick burst to spike your heart rate on a busy day!

** If you have an interval timer, set it for 10 rounds of 2 intervals: 5 seconds and 25 seconds. The 5 seconds will be your rest period, and the 25 seconds will be your activity period

** If you do not have an interval timer, watch the clock & try to get your timing as close as possible to 5 seconds of rest and 25 seconds of activity


5 seconds- Rest

25 seconds- Standard Burpees

5 seconds- Rest

25 seconds- Standard Push ups or Modified push ups

5 seconds- Rest

25 seconds- Alternating Side burpees

5 seconds- Rest

25 seconds- Floor Tricep Dips

5 seconds- Rest

25 seconds- High Knees

Repeat this entire circuit 2 times.

And per request, a printable version:

I spent my morning trying to coax myself into starting Night for one of my classes, but unfortunately I wasn’t as persuasive as I had hoped to be.

I did manage to persuade myself to snack on a rice cake with jelly,

and to prep one giant spinach salad beast.

Spinach, diced tomatoes, avocado, chickpeas, balsamic vinegar, and ginger dressing. At first I was going to make this into a Greek-style salad with Kalamata olives & all, but the brand new ginger dressing in my fridge was calling my name and I couldn’t escape.

Now I’m off to Costco with Will to invest in some greenery

A bit to think about: Which do you prefer– long endurance workouts or short high-intensity workouts?