Treadmill Workouts Advanced

As a followup to the previous article about treadmill workouts for beginners, I thought I’d share an advanced treadmill workout plan for everyone that’s ready for the next step. This one is significantly more challenging than the one that I detailed in the earlier post and focuses on alternating between cardio building and fat burning, so be ready to feel the burn!

Advanced Interval Workout

This workout is what you have been working up to, a vigorous 60 minute challenge that should only be completed once a week and supplemented by 3-4 days of shorter, cardio focused runs and a day off after this one to let the body rest. The first thing you should do before beginning this exercise is making sure you complete the proper pre-workout routine. You’re going to want to make sure that you are properly hydrated by consuming plenty of water or your favorite sports drink at least an hour before starting. You should also eat a snack or meal before attempting this workout, preferably one rich in carbohydrates at least an hour prior. As with most exercise, you’re going to want to warm up before you get to the intensive part, in this case 3-5 minutes of walking at a steady pace should suffice. Now that you’re ready, it’s time to calculate your predicted max heart rate (HR Max). This can be determined simply by subtracting your age from 220. After that, you need four more heart rate ranges;

      • Warm-up/Cool Down limit: For the low end, multiply your HR Max by .55 / for the high end, multiply your HR Max by .65
      • Fat Burning limit: For this limit your low end is the same as your warm up high limit / for the high end, multiply your HR Max by .75
      • Cardio limit: This low is the same as your fat burning high limit / to get the high limit for this one, multiply your HR Max by .85
      • Peak limit: The high end Cardio limit serves as the low for this one / for the high end, multiply your HR Max by .90

The Routine

  1. 0-3 Minutes: Warm Up (Start without a slope and at a brisk pace)
  2. 3-8: Fat Burning
  3. 8-13: Cardio (Add a slight slope here, nothing too steep)
  4. 13-23: Peak (Vary the angle of the slope up and down every 2 minutes)
  5. 23-28: Fat Burning (Drop the incline back to 0%)
  6. 28-38: Peak (Vary the slight incline up and down)
  7. 38-43: Fat Burning (0% incline)
  8. 43-53: Peak (Vary the slope every 2 minutes)
  9. 53-58: Fat Burning (0% incline)
  10. 58-60: Cool Down