Crate Training 101

Good morning folks! I’m glad you guys were able to appreciate the true beauty of my lucky bowling socks! Even though they aren’t the most fashionable of accessories, they worked wonders for my bowling score Popcorn Update: Today is a…
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Odds & Ends

Snacks                     Broiled Grapefruit Vegan Latkes Sauces, Spreads, Butters & Marinades Balsamic Salmon Marinade Light Teriyaki Marinade Cumin- Garlic Hummus Cilantro- Lime Guacamole Simple Almond Butter Homemade Ketchup      …
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Popcorn, Eat Your Eggs

Sometimes.. it’s okay to justify an extra Christmas mug of coffee only because you “accidently” made an extra cup.                     Sometimes.. it’s perfectly acceptable to plan your dinner around the honey…
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