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NASM Workshops

The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) is known for producing excellent health and fitness professionals through evidence-based certifications. They also provide continuing education workshops for individuals who want to brush up on their personal certified personal trainer (CPT) knowledge….
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Healthy Snickerdoodle Recipe

Who doesn’t love a snickerdoodle? Unfortunately, like many cookies, they aren’t the healthiest treat available to you. With that in mind, I set out to modify the traditional snickerdoodle recipe and make it healthier. Healthy Snickerdoodle Cookies So how exactly…
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Treadmill Workouts Advanced

As a followup to the previous article about treadmill workouts for beginners, I thought I’d share an advanced treadmill workout plan for everyone that’s ready for the next step. This one is significantly more challenging than the one that I detailed…
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