Things That Make Me Smile (3/23)

1. Dollar store coffee grounds that taste just like Starbucks, except 8 dollars cheaper. Can I get an amen?

coffee bag











2. The newfound friendship that has developed between Popcorn and the family dog, Max. When the Cornpops was a wee little pup, he was constantly ALL over Max (as seen in this post here) who was pretty clear about wanting nothing to do with him. Now, however, these two guys have developed quite a mutual understanding and respect for each other.

Check out how they walk side-by-side!

And how they huddle together on the windowsill. Could a mother ask for more?












3. FINALLY taking the time to plunge through my NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist material and passing the exam late Tuesday night! I received the book and test prep info in April of last year, capping off my total study time at about 11 months of the 12 I had available.

Let’s not mention that I also milked the full 179 of the 180 days that I had to take my original NASM personal training exam. I guess I just work well under pressure?

And for whoever is interested, I should have a full recap of my experience with the FNS credential up on Itty Bits within a week or so. Which probably means at the last minute of that 1 week. I know, I’m horrible.

4. Catching up with old friends at World of Beer, even though I pretty much detest the taste of any and every beer. Am I in the minority on this one?

5. This Popcorn-twin who happens to have Will’s full name that my sister-in-law’s-sister is trying to coerce me into adopting. Talk about temptation at it’s finest!

6. This little setup that Will surprised me with on Valentine’s Day, which I somehow completely forgot to blog about last month. I’ve said it 820893 times and and I’ll say it again—I’m truly one blessed lady. Upon my return home from work, I walked into my room to find rose petals leading to more roses, a bag full of surprises, and a mini pink Valentine’s Day puppy on my bed.

rose trail































8. Taking awkard family photos and coming out looking like a straight up Who from Who-ville.

Popcorn, don’t worry—I would be terrified too.

A bit to think about: Tell me about something that has made you smile lately!