Crate Training 101

Good morning folks!

I’m glad you guys were able to appreciate the true beauty of my lucky bowling socks! Even though they aren’t the most fashionable of accessories, they worked wonders for my bowling score

Popcorn Update:

Today is a very special morning in the book of Popcorn. If you’ve been following along on Itty Bits for the past two weeks, you already know that I’ve been having a difficult time crate training Popcorn and keeping him from crying the whole night through. I’ve tried everything, from leaving clothing with my scent inside the crate, to putting him to sleep inside and sneaking off into my own bed.

Each night when I would go to sleep, Popcorn would have a crying attack that would continue for at least an hour from not being able to get up into my bed. A little later, usually around 3:00 AM, I would receive the same crying puppy wake up call which would last for another 30 minutes.

Little did I know that the life of my itty bitty pup would be changed by a comment.

Brittney at Getting Thin in My Skin left me an awesome tip about filling up an empty water bottle with hot water and leaving it in Popcorn’s crate at night. Willing to try absolutely anything, this is exactly what I did.

I didn’t have a 2 liter bottle, so I filled up and empty gallon milk container with hot water. Popcorn seemed intrigued..

I put the warm gallon jug into his crate, then put the top back on and got into my bed.

As soon as the lights went out, Popcorn acted as usual and cried his little heart out in hopes that I would let him sleep on the bed with me. After about 3 minutes, the crying magically stopped and I was able to peacefully fall asleep.

At 5:00 AM, I woke up to the most beautiful sight I have ever seen…

Popcorn loves his hot water “mommy” jug and IT WORKED! I was so overjoyed that he finally found comfort in his crate, and am SO thankful that he slept the entire night through! Thank you Brittney for your tip! You’re a lifesaver


This morning, I was in an inventive mood so I tried to create a new egg-free pancake recipe with chia seeds and cottage cheese. The result was pretty good, but I wasn’t overly impressed so I’m going to hold off on sharing the recipe for now.

I topped the pancake with my easy-peasy banana topping, a dollop of almond butter, and more sliced bananas.