Strawberries & Ceviche

Did I ever tell you about that time I went strawberry picking in the middle of winter? Because it definitely happened, and was made possible thanks to the never-failing 70 degree Miami temps.

Or how about that time I had my first taste of Peruvian cuisine in the form of a delicious lunch, compliments of Will’s mom and the downtown Miami favorite, Ceviche 105? Because that DEFINITELY happened too, and I have the leftover fish bones to prove it.

Let it be known that I’m not typically a fan of overwhelmingly saucy dishes or heavy meals in general. Call me crazy, but my ideal meal would probably consist of some veggies, a bit of protein, and perhaps a moderately dense carb-based side dish. Based on this little tidbit, I was a liiiiiittle intimidated by our planned visit to Ceviche 105, let alone the whole fish that I saw at some of the tables around us as we stepped foot into the joint.

Let it also be known that I’m now a changed woman. Anyone down to move to Lima with me?

As soon as we sat down we were served a bowl of canchitas, which is basically a variety of Peruvian corn kernels. These were probably one of my favorite highlights of the meal, but that’s coming from the girl who is known to demolish the remnants of any and every popcorn bag.

Next up, the appetizer sampler. There were two different kinds of ceviche, and two kinds of Peruvian sushi-type dishes—all of which were flavor bombs in their own respective ways and presented quite elegantly.

Followed by choritos a la chalaca (aka mussels)

The fish pictured up above was the entrée that was shared between Will’s mom and myself, and it was indeed a whole snapper filled with all sorts of seafood, a delicious sauce, and served with white rice on the side. Will ordered an Asian-style sashimi dish for his entrée, which was accompanied by some type of quinoa fried rice.

And for dessert– an order of suspiro de limena, which this white girl translated into “mousse with cream and cinnamon”

Just how I like it

Overall, our lunch at Ceviche 105 was much more than a meal. In fact, I’d consider the occasion a life experience that I would love to live out over and over again, in all of it’s Peruvian sauce & canchita glory.

P.S. — I was kidding about keeping the fish bones.


A bit to think about: Have you ever tried Peruvian cuisine?