Popcorn, Eat Your Eggs

Sometimes.. it’s okay to justify an extra Christmas mug of coffee only because you “accidently” made an extra cup.












Sometimes.. it’s perfectly acceptable to plan your dinner around the honey gold potatoes that you’ve been dying to roast & dip into ketchup.












(Archer Farms garlic-spinach chicken sausage, garlic collards, and honey gold potatoes)












Sometimes.. it’s okay to wear old dirty gel booties while practicing yoga with the hopes that they will make your feet silky soft, even if it means sliding all over the place.












Sometimes.. it’s okay to feed your dog a bowl of eggs.

dog food











I’ve actually been doing a lot of research lately about starting to cook food for Popcorn. As someone who used to not understand the bond between dogs & humans, trust me, I completely get how ridiculous this might sound—but you’d actually be surprised by the kind of crap that they let major companies put into dog food. Even some that claim to be “100% natural” are misleading, as there aren’t many regulations setting rules on the byproducts and fillers that can go into processed kibble.

The idea was actually thrown into my mind a few weeks ago while visiting the dermatologist. I got to talking to a Brazilian woman on staff, and we somehow began the conversation of dog nutrition and food. She claimed that in Brazil and other foreign countries, it’s not uncommon to see humans feeding their dogs home-cooked food, and the rates of obesity, cancers, and diseases are significantly lower as well. I started to rattle off in my mind ALL of the animals I know who have suddenly gotten sick after an ongoing streak of being healthy (my childhood dog Max being one of them), and immediately thought of my candy cane-wearing pup.

After a few Google searches, I came to find that there has already been some research on the subject, as well as cookbooks with a multitude of balanced dog-friendly recipes. Most of them seem to be made in bulk, so the time adjustment doesn’t seem like it would be too big of an issue. Plus the fact that the ingredients seem to be VERY simple– things like rice, frozen veggies, chicken, etc.

Still, if I do decide to take on this challenge, I have a lot more research to do before I feel confident enough to swipe away Popcorn’s processed food completely. But yesterday I decided to give the egg a taste-test–

dog 3











Hesitant at first…

gog 4











But DEVOURED it in the end. It was encouraging to me that something as simple as an egg was so easy to make and probably so much more nutrient-dense than anything in those bits o’ “chicken” he’s used to eating. Here’s to a little more research, but hopefully a healthier future of eats for the Corn Pops.

And for those of you who aren’t dog or animal-people, I swear I’m not crazy.