The Greek Corner

First off, I just wanted to say that I loved reading through your comments on this morning’s post regarding my choice to continue celebrating month-i-versaries. Although yes, planning and organizing little occasions is something that I love doing, many of you were honest and open enough to admit that those weren’t things that would qualify as your cup of tea—and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

The beauty of having a blog is that it gives me an opportunity to open up discussions with all sorts of people: planners and non-planners alike. I take pride in the fact that I have varying opinions across the board on Itty Bits because, lets be honest, how BORING would life be if we all did and thought the same exact things?

So in short, I love you guys :D

Okay okay, I’ll stop with the sappiness. Moving on!

Before Will was even awake this morning, I threw myself together a bowl of puffed rice cereal, PB2, and almond milk to hold me over until Greek time.

I was very proud of Will because this was the first instance that he officially picked out a restaurant all on his own and told ME where we were going. The Greek Corner was on our radar, and I had no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Gotta love a man in charge

And one that brings flowers in the date-package, but that’s a whooole different ball game.

The Greek Corner is a beautiful little restaurant set alongside Lake Ivanhoe, right in the heart of downtown Orlando. I had actually never seen or heard of the place before, but what tipped Will off was the fact that grape leaves were one of the first things on their menu.

Because if you didn’t already know—I love me some grape leaves (aka dolmathakia) 8)

Naturally, we started off our lunch with an order of the little suckers, and Will took the plunge on a new-to-him option, the Avgolemono Soup.

The soup was creamy and citrusy—definitely a Greek-styled classic. As for the grape leaves, all you need to know is that Will ate 1/2 of one, and the plate was cleared by end of the meal. Done, done, and done ;)

Because I clearly filled up on grape leaves, I decided to keep it light for my entrée with the Greek salad, dressing & feta cheese both on the side.

And as usual, I was a nut for expecting a standard Greek salad at an authentic Greek restaurant. I’m normally not one for thicker toppings, but the flavoring of the Greek dressing was out of this world and I threw all reservations aside! Will even went crazy over it, and ended up dipping in his complimentary pita slices like there was no tomorrow.

For Will’s entrée, he rolled with the Athens 2004 Burger with onion rings, and couldn’t stop raving about it! Something along the lines of “The Greek sure know their meat!”.

I smiled, nodded, devoured my food, then requested that we take a walk along the Lake Ivanhoe pier. It was a gorgeous day out—sunny with a breezy wind chill!

There was also a line of seagulls posing on the dock, enjoying the cool breeze themselves. I tried to coax one to land on my arm as Dr. Doolittle would’ve done, but was brutally rejected.

Overall, I LOVED our experience at The Greek Corner. Will and I both agreed that we would make it a point to return sometime soon and try out their dinner menu—The Greek salmon fillet was calling my name!

With full Greek bellies, we headed back to my apartment for a much-needed nap time.

Extra sleep + flowers + grape leaves? Happy 13 month-i-versary to me!

A bit to think about: Are you a fan of Greek cuisine?