“Nom” Explained

Could it be?

Did five months of studying for the NASM personal training exam just fly right past me? Because if I didn’t know any better I’d say that this looks like a closed book 8)

It’s nuts to think that five months ago I was just announcing my spontaneous career-path change to you guys.

And with a closed textbook comes a scheduled test date! I considered conducting a countdown or something extravagant on the blog, but decided against it because hey, how humiliating would it be if I failed the first time around? ;)

In any case, be on your toes for the next month and a half– We all know that I will be on the tips of mine!


A little after 9:30 AM, I chopped a Bosc pear into a bowl and enjoyed it with a bit of added cinnamon.

I’m usually not a pear person, but I’ve been on some kind of fruit-variety kick lately, grabbing any kind of fruit in sight while at the grocery store! That also might be one of the reasons for all of the nectarine vs. peach confusion last week. Whoops 8)

I brought back some greenery in the name of lunch–

Romaine lettuce, avocado, kidney beans, and cottage cheese, dressed in balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper.

I never understood the written form of “nom” until I started a food blog. More times than not, when posting a picture of a particular meal that brings back good foodie memories, I have to literally make a conscious effort to delete the “nom nom nom’s” that end up after each image.

Before Itty Bits, I was convinced that it was some type of acronym like “lol” or “g2g”. Now, from what I’ve picked up “nom” is supposed to be a replication of the sound someone makes when chewing (“nom”ing 8) ) on good food.

Urban dictionary has my back too–

Oh, and I can’t forget the post-salad rice cake + Sunbutter!

Nom 8)

A bit to think about: Did you/do you ever use acronyms like “g2g”, “lol”, or “asl”? Come on my prehistoric AIM peeps!