The Diva Cup

Ever since I became the proud owner of a pink leopard Tervis Tumbler, my life has been diva-vied.

You see, my friends, I have the habitual tendency of clinging to to certain items in my kitchen. Once I decide that I like a particular plate, it’s tough for me to switch over to another. After settling on a favorite mug, it’s a rare sight to see me using a different one. The same goes for cups, silverware, and Tupperware—and this is EXACTLY what has happened to my cup preference.

It follows me to my nightstand,

my desk,


and my dresser.

Not to mention that Popcorn has seemed interested in adding some diva to his life too.

I’m not kidding when I say that I don’t think I’ve used another cup since that fine day in January when I received this bundle of diva joy. Luckily, I’m not a fan of mold so I have learned to wash it, but unluckily I don’t think that Will believes me 8)


This morning I went for a much needed 1.5 mile run in the cool Orlando breeze. Since I claim to be freezing my butt off in any temperature lower than 65 degrees and my iphone told me that it was just above 70, the weather was perfecto! I did want to make sure to get in a bit of strength too, so I came back home and knocked out this 10 minute butt/abs circuit–

And in case you aren’t familiar with any of the moves–

And now onto the eats! Because of my “late” wakeup, my meals and snacks were pushed back a little later than usual. I mean, it’s 5:00 PM and I haven’t thought about starting dinner yet, so something has to be up 

Lunch was a roasted Brussels Spouts & Chickpea salad, piled on a bed of leftover quinoa–

The sprouts & chickpeas were simply tossed on a cooking spray-coated baking sheet, sprinkled with salt & pepper, then roasted on 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 10ish minutes.

Followed by a couple handfuls of fresh strawberries–

After 2 hours of some intense supplement & vitamin studying, I dove into a small mid afternoon snack of some celery sticks with Sunbutter, plus an Adora calcium circle–

My hand has been getting a lot of blog exposure lately. Maybe this will help in persuading me to finally paint my nails?

Scratch what I said earlier– dinner is officially on my mind! Have a good night

A bit to think about: Do you have a favorite dish, cup or utensil that you cling to?