PB2 & Drinking More Water

And this is only our top-halves—we both were wearing dark-wash jeans and rhinestone sandals too!

(Okay, maybe I was the only one with the sandals, but I can’t deny that it would’ve probably been a good look for Will)

After church this morning, my only plans for the rest of the day were to use up an almost-expired container of 0% Greek yogurt and knock out the rest of the nutrition chapter in my personal training material. I started with lunch–

Bowl for breakfast, bowl for lunch!

I started with a Greek yogurt + cinnamon base, then threw in a chopped Gala apple, 1 cup of puffed brown rice cereal, 1/4 cup cinnamon Puffins and a tablespoon of my most-recent arrival, PB2!!!

Remember when I ordered the stuff a few weeks ago through iHerb? Well, apparently I entered the wrong billing address (whoops 8) ) so it took a liiiittle bit longer than expected to get here. Regardless, I brushed my shoulders off and welcomed the late package with open arms and an open mouth.

I was pretty impressed by how similar to peanut butter the PB2 powder became when mixed with water! If somebody blindfolded me and had me taste it, I really don’t know if I would’ve been able to tell the difference. Then again, I can be pretty immune to a lack-of-sweetness in certain products, so who knows.

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Then it was time to tackle objective #2—STUDY time!

Will and I hit up P-town (Panera) to change our usual study scenery, which worked out in my benefit because I got to enjoy a warm cup of hazelnut coffee.

Crazy news– my NASM material mentioned that I should be drinking 98 ounces of water a day!!! I’ve always known that water is extremely important and I have a bottle with me at all times to make sure that I stay hydrated, but putting a physical number on the intake kind of sent my brain for a loop.

Aaaand the best part was that after learning this new bit of info, I got up to refill my water cup about 4 times 8)

On the way home, we popped by the Redbox and picked up The Help to watch later this evening. My mom recommended it and I listened, even though her track record with movies isn’t normally the best (sorry mom) Here’s to hoping that it’s a good one!

A bit to think about: Do you drink enough water throughout the day?