Slowing Down A Fast-Paced Mind

Happy Friday!

As a pure bred Miami girl at heart (minus the part about having a single Hispanic bone in my body) the “fast + efficient” gene has been instilled deeeeep down in my bones. Although I do my best to appreciate life and the little things on a daily basis, I often get caught up in my to-do lists, tasks, and priorities, and try to git ‘er done as quick and painlessly as possible.

Although this sounds like a blessing in disguise because of my ability to multitask and prioritize like nobody’s biznass, it can also be a major downfall. You see, even though I consider myself efficient with goals and things that I need to knock out of the way, my to-do list is also never-ending. No matter how much I jam pack into my day, I will ALWAYS find more to do. Fact.

Luckily, in the past few months I have become extremely aware of this trait of mine, so have in turn made a conscious effort to take days off (ahem, today) and not rush myself through objectives.

Task #1: Savoring breakfast this morning

I woke up with my heart set on turkey bacon, but after realizing that my stash had run out, I scrolled through my recipe page in search for the next best thing. One of my wheat-free vegan oat pancakes was the breakfast of choice, which I topped with a freshly sliced peach, coconut butter, and chia seeds.

Good news! The coconut butter was ACTUALLY already melted at room temperature when I peeked into the jar. This meant there was less of a chance that I would burn it in the microwave 8)

After breakfast, I decided to conduct a Google search and investigate ways that I could learn to slow down my fast-paced nature, and start to appreciate the quality of my daily objectives rather than the quantity of them. Here are the pointers I came across:

  1. Get lost in a good book
  2. Put space between tasks & appointments
  3. Meditate each day
  4. Express gratitude
  5. Don’t use instant coffee (Already got this one down)
  6. Eat at a new restaurant
  7. Take a walk by yourself
  8. Eat slower
  9. Drive slower
  10. Single-task, don’t multi-task
  11. Focus on people rather than things or technology
  12. Learn a new skill
  13. Take an extra-long bath
  14. Learn to say “no”
  15. Pamper yourself

I love a lot of these ideas, especially the ones regarding dedicating time to spend with myself. Maybe it’s time that I took a nice long walk outside…

slow down popcorn

A bit to think about: Do you consider yourself “fast-paced”, “slow-paced”, or in the middle?

Do you have anything to add to the list?