A New Oodle of Noodles

One of the things that never really bugged me when I first learned about my wheat intolerance was the fact that I couldn’t eat pasta. I had never been a noodle lover, rarely ate it as a kid, and didn’t know the first thing about making spaghetti.

Then I was introduced to Shiritaki noodles, and slowly learned to love the versatility of pasta dishes. It was too late to fall in love with wheat or white noodles, but it didn’t matter because I was totally content with having my tofu noodles here and there.

Well, my friends, there is a new noodle in town. Meet black bean spaghetti–

When my good friend Stephanie came up to Orlando a few weeks ago for my birthday, she brought up this package for me to try out. To be honest, I hadn’t really thought twice about what I would do with the stuff until the hunger pains of lunchtime hit me this afternoon and I had fire roasted tomatoes on my mind.

Finally– time to break into my new Muir Glen Organics stash 8)

I cooked the black bean pasta exactly as directed on the package, and threw the can of diced tomatoes into a separate pot. The tomatoes got an added boost of minced garlic, 1/4 tsp of oregano, salt, and pepper while cooking, and I also chopped up a few spinach leaves to throw in at the end.

Oh. my. word.

Not only was the tomato sauce impressively fresh, easy peasy, and tasty, but the black bean spaghetti put this meal over the edge for me! And to think that I was contemplating having a simple salad for lunch. Psh.

My favorite part was the fact that the diced tomatoes included both red and yellow varieties. The colors, the stats (20g of protein in those noodles!), and the taste all made this meal one legitimate surprise in disguise. Not to mention that this was also my first successful batch of spaghetti in my 22 years of life

I wish I could say that the rest of my day was as exciting as my lunch, but I spent a huge chunk of it nose-deep in personal training material. Because the beginning of this month has been so hectic and nonstop, I really fell behind on my studies and was hoping to be a lot farther along by now. Just means I’ve gotta pick up the pace a bit–

aaaand an orange was consumed to ease my studying woes.

Gotta split—Will is cooking up some homemade hibachi in the kitchen and my stomach/nose/body/brain are all telling me to go in for a taste-test

Popcorn too.

**Edit: I’m still stalking Stephanie in regards to where she found the spaghetti, but I DID find this link on Amazon

A bit to think about: Are you big on pasta lovin’?

A bit to do: Read this great article written by Bonnie! If only I had access to this during my cardio addiction phase…