Best Bodyrock Workouts

If you have ever searched for free online workouts, you have most likely run across before. What I really like about the majority of these workouts is they are easy to adapt for your fitness level (as well as for the equipment you may not have), and now they offer real-time challenges. Basically, this allows you to follow along with the host instead of relying on an interval timer (assuming you have one).

Stand Alone BodyRock Workouts

Before the real-time challenges, BodyRock provided mostly static routines that were often based on tabata: 4 rounds of 3 exercises for 50 seconds work and 10 seconds of rest (or 40 seconds/20 seconds) for a total of 12 minutes. Don’t let the minimal amount of time fool you though, those 12 minutes were meant to be 100% effort and often leave you exhausted. If you are still raring to go, you could simply repeat the circuit or find another one altogether. There were also repetition challenges that did not require the use of an interval timer.

Here are some of my favorites:

Circuit Challenge

Repeat the Circuit 6 Times

50 High Knee Skips

10 Burpees

10 Squats – Add sandbag for additional challenge

10 Straight Abs

Further instruction here:

1000 Rep Challenge

Repeat the circuit 10 times

10 Burpees

10 Squat jumps

10 pushups

10 toe touch situps

10 dips

10 tuck jumps

10 plank jacks

10 split lunges

10 leg drops

10 squat thrusts

Further instruction here:

30-Day Real-Time Challenges

As BodyRock grew in popularity, they began taking on fan requests. One of the most highly requested workout routines was a full real-time option. Many of the workouts before the 30-day challenges were in real time (meaning you could follow along), but they required you to press replay a few times to complete the workout. This was cumbersome and many individuals quickly grew bored with this setup. Thus, the 30 day real time challenges were created to answer this need. BodyRock hosts lead the entire workout from start to finish, providing motivation, modifications, and more.

You can find their first real-time challenge on their pinterest here:

This 30-day challenge involves workouts that range from 40 minutes to an hour. Subsequent challenges are 20-30 minutes and can be repeated if you want a longer workout. You can find those challenges on their pinterest as well.