NASM Workshops

The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) is known for producing excellent health and fitness professionals through evidence-based certifications. They also provide continuing education workshops for individuals who want to brush up on their personal certified personal trainer (CPT) knowledge.

certified personal trainer

NASM offers five live workshop opportunities:

  • Corrective exercise workshop
  • Sports performance workshop
  • Personal fitness workshop
  • CPT exam prep workshop
  • MMA conditioning workshop

NASM Corrective Exercise Workshop

This workshop is designed to help you ascertain possible muscle imbalances that can sometimes occur when an individual is compensating with certain movements. This workshop will help you employ effective workout routines that emphasize corrective movements.

Sports Performance Workshop

In this workshop you will practice speed and agility techniques to help you design sports-focused exercise programs. This particular workshop is very hands-on and team oriented. You will learn how to utilize various exercise methods, learn new concepts to avoid injury, and master post-rehab techniques.

Personal Fitness Workshop

This is an excellent hands-on workshop for both newcomers and veterans of the NASM CPT program. This workshop will covers the ins and outs of the CPT certification and teach you how to successfully employ NASM’s training model.

CPT Exam Prep Workshop

This workshop is designed for individuals getting ready to take their NASM CPT exam. Anyone looking to improve their personal training knowledge and skills before examination day would do well to take this workshop. This workshop is led by the NASM Instructor Team to help you prepare as best as possible for your CPT test.

MMA Conditioning Workshop

Any trainer who is thinking of specializing in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) should give this workshop some consideration. Plus, trainers with specializations are in high demand. In this workshop you will learn how MMA fighters train to achieve prime physical fitness.