Keys to a Well-Rounded Fitness Routine

I have a special treat for all of you today! I’ve been reading Tina’s blog for quite some time now, and absolutely love her down-to-earth attitude and thought-provoking posts. She was kind enough to come on over to Itty Bits to hang out with you guys today, so make sure you give her a warm welcome!


Hi there Itty Bits of Balance readers! My name is Tina and you can find me blogging about life and trying to make healthy living a pure blast over at the blog Faith Fitness Fun.

I’m *thisclose* to taking my test (just have to wait for my testing date). I have been big into fitness and learning about workouts for a decade. Over that time, I have learned a lot, but when reading through my personal training study materials, I realized that we can all too easily forget some important basics.

I wanted to share some of those with you today. Let’s get started on having a well-rounded, safe, and effective fitness routine!

1. Work Your Stabilization.

In order to have truly functional levels of fitness, it is important to improve your body’s ability to balance and stabilize itself. That comes with practice and doing exercises that challenge your stability. It gives a great foundation for the muscles and joints to help improve overall fitness. Plus, it’s a great way to challenge yourself in new ways. And it’s fun, too!

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2. Don’t Forget Flexibility.

There’s this little thing called length-tension relationships. Basically, it means you want your muscles at the proper, normal length for them to function optimally. That’s where flexibility comes in. Stretching regularly after workouts, warming up properly, using techniques such as foam rolling, and/or participating in things like yoga work wonders!

3. Tame Your Tempo. Don’t just go through the motions of a workout. Really pay attention to the pace of your strength training moves. You want movements to be controlled. Also switching up the tempo, going at a sloooowww pace for example, will up the intensity and force your body to work harder to control the weight. Paying attention to tempo also helps with proper form.

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4. Train Everything.

t’s so easy to focus on your favorite body parts in a workout – to hit the legs, but never train the upper body. To work the abs, but not the low back. To rock out the bicep curls, but never do a bench press. To avoid muscular imbalances, which can lead to injury, train your entire body. It doesn’t have to be all at once. Simply try to hit each muscle group once or twice a week.

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5. Recovery Matters.

’m sure you know just how vital rest days are in a workout rotation. If not, then add one in to your workout schedule right now I beg of you! Yes, rest days matter. Rest days are actually when your body makes the most progress as it repairs and strengthens itself.

However, do you pay attention to recovery workouts?? In other words, regularly having planned workouts at a lower intensity to help prevent overtraining? A completely different matter…but just as important. Not every workout should be balls to the wall hard. At least one workout a week should be done at a lower intensity and, at minimal, every two months should have a full week of a lighter work load than normal. It can keep you in tip top shape…and give you some oomph for the future. Trust me.

So, there you have it! Five things we often forget, but need to do in order to keep our fitness at its peak. Thanks for listening! Be sure to stop by and say hello in my neck of the woods too. I would love to get to know you and share more fitness talk.

A bit to think about: How do you switch up your fitness routine?