Sauce Dreams

It’s no secret, Will and I are huge hibachi fans.

There’s just something about paying a boatload of money to have a Japanese chef cook vegetables and rice in front of us that gets us down on our knees begging for more. I particularly like hibachi because of the adaptability of my dishes—I tend to cut back on the rice or noodles, and tell the chef to pile on the veggies. Not to mention making trades with other table-members who are willing to part with some veggies for rice

Flashback moment: Group photo taken at hibachi on Will & my first day as a couple!

(Don’t ask about the hair flip.)

Tonight, Will & I decided to recreate our own hibachi night in the comfort of my own apartment to save a penny or two

Naturally, I was on veggie duty

I chopped up some carrots, zucchini, mushrooms, & onions, and sautéed them on high heat in olive oil, soy sauce and about 2 tablespoons of butter.

Whenever Will & I cook the same meal together, I always do my best to make slight modifications to my portion to make it a little bit healthier. For instance, tonight I cooked myself some brown rice, while Will made Jasmine for himself. I also asked Will to cook my chicken with soy sauce and pepper instead of coating it with the sugary Teriyaki that he used with his.

Thankfully, Will is completely accepting of my obscure eating habits and has no problem taking an extra step to make sure I enjoy my meal as much as possible. He was glad to accommodate my lighter alternatives.

And we still were able to eat a delicious meal together

Just to give you an idea of what it’s like cooking with a guy who prefers more carbs & less veggies..

(As dad would say: “Would you like some rice with those veggies?”)

Oh, and I haven’t even gotten to the best part of our meal. You know that super secret creamy sauce that Japanese hibachi restaurants always serve? Yeah, we had that too 8)

The magic sauce absolutely made this meal! I drizzled it all over everything and couldn’t help but to inhale my plate in half the time.

Do you think it would be acceptable to use this stuff as an oatmeal topping?

The meal was quite a success! This is definitely something that we plan on coordinating again in the future, except next time our plan of attack will include shrimpies

Sorry Popcorn, but I don’t think the magic sauce will ever be in your future.

A bit to think about: Have you ever had Japanese Hibachi?

Do you ever ask someone who’s cooking for you to make alterations to your meal?