Lucky Bowling Socks

I thought it was going to be just another day of being owned in bowling class, until I realized on the way there that I had forgotten my socks. My roommate Nicole (who is also taking bowling), and I discussed whether or not I should turn back for them, but decided that I would probably be able to buy some cheap socks at the bowling alley.


Psh.. this babies were GOLD 8)

Along with these bowling socks, I also unknowingly bought myself a few stares and a couple weird glances from the other students in my class.

But the best part about this packaged deal was the 50 points I added on to my highest bowling score this afternoon. Oh lucky bowling socks, how you turned out to be a blessing in disguise


This is an example of what dinner looks like when Brittany needs to go to the store.

I roasted up the last of my broccoli and a few zucchini slices,

some honey gold potatoes (yep, still have 1/4 of a bag left)

and spooned some kidney beans on the side.

Hey, it hit the spot :D

Now I’m going to go wake myself up in preparation for salsa class tonight! We apparently have a quiz coming up next week so I need to make sure that I’m extra attentive. Hopefully “Hello, Beautiful” guy or sweaty palms guy wont ask to be my partner again….

A bit to think about: Are you a good bowler?

What do your meals look like as your grocery stash starts to run low?